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Woodwork can be one of the biggest centerpieces in your home or business, but covering it up with paint just seems likes a waste. At King Staining, our highly-professional stain specialists can help with staining almost any wood surface you have in your home or business. Woodwork in any capacity should be allowed to show it's natural beauty, and when it's painted, the grain and natural look can easily be covered up. When it's stained, it helps accent and emphasize the wood's natural beauty, proving to be far superior than a simple paint job. By working with a staining company you can trust, you know you'll be getting amazing results at a very affordable price. Unlike painting, wood staining is a more involved process, including several stages of sanding, cleaning, and then staining and final finishes, including polyurethane. With such an involved process, work with a staining company that can deliver amazing results without having to do it twice. If you are looking for professional staining services, including floor staining, cabinet staining, trim staining, and more, please complete our quick quote form. We'll be happy to get things started and get back to you with more information.

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